How to buy

  • Buying Overview:
  • (Buying on GOLDSUPPLIER.COM is easy by following steps to begin your buying experience)
    1. Register as a GOLDSUPPLIER.COM's member first, if you are a new customer.
    2. Search products and suppliers.
    3. Contact sellers after you find the products you want.
    4. Post buying inquiry to get instant quotations from the sellers.

  • Looking for Products and Suppliers:
  • There are two ways to find your products, you can either browse by product categories or use our search engine.
    Search: Enter a product name in the searching box and click "Search" button.

  • Search Tips:
  • 1. If you are not satisfied with the search results, try to use less keyword.
    (E.g., you can use "stainless steel" instead of "seamless stainless steel").
    2. Better don’t type in keywords which are too specific or specialized (e.g., "35*20 PE shopping bag ")
    3. The only search for one product once.
    4. Don't include a country/region's name in your search (e.g., "apple China").
    5. Don't include the word "buyer" or "seller" in your keyword phrase (e.g., "apple seller").

  • Contacting Suppliers
  • 1. Sending Inquiries

  • Select the checkbox beside each product or supplier you are interested in.

    Click the button and complete the inquiry form and submit.

    You can also click the button beside the products of the search result page to send an inquiry.

  • 2. Posting Buying Leads
  • Buying Lead is a purchase request posted by a buyer. Essentially, it is an invitation to suppliers to send their quotes regarding a certain product or product range.

    Post a Buying Lead if you cannot find the products you want to source on Most suppliers do not post their entire inventory, so tell suppliers what you want and let the right suppliers come to you.

    When posting your Buying Leads, you can specify the method of contact you prefer or conceal your company information.

    There are two ways to post a buying lead:

    1. You can post buying leads without disclosing contact information. To do this, please take the following steps:

    a. Sign in at www.en.GOLDSUPPLIER.COM .
    b. Click "Post a Buying Lead" in the Buying Leads section on the upper left of our homepage.

    c. Complete the form.
    d. Click "Submit" button to submit.

    2. If you are a member of GOLDSUPPLIER.COM, try the second way:

    Log in to My Office and find the button "buying lead" in the navigation bar, click it, and then click "post a new buying lead", as follows:

  • Subscriptions
  • This is a message subscription service and you can subscribe products you interested or suppliers as you need. You can be provided updated product information on your management system. We will also send your subscription to your email box gradually.

  • Favorites
  • You can add interesting information (products or suppliers) you find into your Favorites for viewing at a later date or make inquiries after comparison. In this way, you can view your saved information in your Favorites without browsing or searching for it again. You can delete any information in your Favorites at any time.

  • Search
  • Input a keyword to search products or suppliers on GOLDSUPPLIER.COM. Here you can make inquiries and add the interesting information (products or suppliers) you find to your Favorites.